Google Home App Reviews

1899 add

It’s okay

Nothing special -

Google mini

Its impossible to make Google mini to control my hue light bulbs as they are supposed to. And the configuration looks " so simple" I got to download IFTTT to do the magic. Really frustrating as I bought like 12 bulbs.

AMAZING Better than Alexa.

Amazing helps with lights tells me everything lots and lots of help the alarm is soothing on it so I can ease out of bed Five out of Five⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!!

Love it!

I love this product. Very easy to use.

Requires a Google account

I wanted to use my Chromecast but the app requires a Google account. Great way to get the app deleted.

Too many ads.

Looking for shopping list- could have written it faster.Overwhelmed by ads.

Makes chromecast so much more difficult and complicated than before

Used to be a plug in my chrome cast in shows up on my phone and I can cast simple and done no it’s all complicated because you have to use this app I’m so frustrated with it I’m ready to just chalk it and go get a fire stick


Great app. Happy I bought the Google Home


Need to get another app that wants you to buy programs to cast to tv. I am returning my chrome cast.

Need to connect to a network but HOW?

There is no easily identifiable place to connect to a network with Google home.

New User

I just got the Google Home and LOVE it. I use the app many times and it is always helpful!

Google homeMini

It’s not worth the money if you don’t have a YouTube Red subscription. Anything you ask to play it won’t and will reply with the same dialogue every time “ to hear that on YouTube sign up for YouTube Red or change your default music provider.” Ive changed the Default over and over again but it still says the same thing.

It works and setup is really easy.

It only took 10 minutes to set up.


Google home app is the only app you can use to control google chromcast. I was trying to change the backdrop photos on my chromcast and when I google how to do it google tells you to use the chromcast app, but no such app exists. When you go in to the google home app and try to change the backdrop photos it sends you to backdrop settings and edit backdrop, both those send you to the exact same place. Only you can NOT add your own photos to chromcast backdrop from the google home app you have to add them from google plus app but good luck finding that information anywhere! Why not make the app easy to use and make it so you can add your own photos to chromcast from one app not have to use two different apps? Keep it simple stupid!

Not good

It’s not a smooth interface. Find stuff is impossible and there’s no way to manage alarms. Should be much easier.

Google home

THis app is very good just very confusing and whenever I try to set up my voice from my Google Home it only lets me talk to Emil every anyone else talks to it it says you need to change some settings and privacy in there no settings to change this happens to a lot of people so please fix it but overall it’s a good app just a little bit confusing

It’s ok

My chrome chast is nice but it can only go off one wifi network and often quits working on me. I’ve found Netflix can be a little tricky. Just feels like the whole thing is a little over complicated

So frustrating.

Not easy to use.

Google home

Love it

Igrest but not work.

Can’t seem to get it to work consistently

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