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Always "broken"

Update September 24, 2107. Google home which now takes you to google assist continues to crash and is unusable! Seriously dont know why anyone would buy google home. Update September continues to crash google support has given up even attempting to help Update July 24----dealing with this app freezing and crashing on the iPhone and iPad since April. "Help desk" cannot determine what the problem is when you try the "more settings" tab. Unfortunately this us a key to the usefulness of Google Home so the problems have made it useless. But they refuse to let me return this doorstop for a refund. update June 21 updated google home STILL crashes when attempting to use the settings! Update June continues to crash and is unusable when you tap settings. Wrote to Google CEO 4 weeks ago and have yet to receive any reply. Do yourself a favor and avoid google products, they dont care about the consumer! This app rarely works so sorry we bought everyone google home should have purchased Amazon Echo Update today I was told to reload google app to get shopping list to work again, unfortunately once you Delete the app it will no longer re-load!

Nice alternative.

Does the job and fills in the gaps from Apple TV and Roku.

Awful app

This app is the only way to add new google devices and it hangs for 30 minutes before I can add anything. Voice control is the only way I can adjust volume. I have reinstalled but still terrible.


Never works

Thanks Google!

Apple stop being difficult.

Lovely app

Just got a google home, so I havent been around long enough to see the previous version of the app. I mainly use this app to connect to my google home and set it up. My only complaint is that sometimes, it cant connect to my wifi even though my phone shows full wifi reception.

Still enjoying

Still enjoying the chromecast that was purchased several years ago despite some hiccups with netflix mobile app updates that had bugs and errors.

Great but slight glitches


Stream Amazon and Apple

Ok, so I know you guys like to compete but seriously how about making it better for the use by supporting streams from Amazon and mirroring with Apple. I know it’s the other guys that have to do the work so yes, I am going to let them know too.

this app

this app is little more than an advertisement, not a lot of customer service here, but you can buy more and more

It’s good when it works

I have 6 chromecast devices and the app doesn’t care to stay connected to several of them. Nor do the chromecast audio devices seem to stay connected to wifi. Constantly reconnecting my devices to the network.

Useful app

Its very useful and improving...I like the way they keep on adding new trends within it

Good stuff

Super easy and convenient!!!

Amazing technology

I love this app. Its so handy to ask a simple question and get an answer rather than looking it up on Google. Hands down better than the current Siri. The only drawback is that it doesnt have all the answers, but neither do I, thats why we have it.


Very primitive app, unexpected from google in comparison to other google products and their competitors

Hardly any music

Updated: still no better 6 months later for music, linked Spotify and was completely annoyed ... now Spotify is "the default" and anything it wont play is unavailable even if it is available on my other linked services ... I could go on, but I switched back to Sonos, a product that actually works for music. Old review: Interface is stupid - I can pause or play a song but nothing else ... really?! Not even "next song"? Hardly any music services, just four, two of which are google. trial of YouTube service was nice but I dont want to subscribe, I already have other services I pay for that arent supported, particularly amazon music. Since this is the single biggest feature of google home we use, it is a major disappointment- I understand they may want you to use YouTube instead of amazon music, but who wants to pay for yet another service. If you are going to be in the device market you have to try and support everybody who is widely used.

Separate Volume settings?

When can we get separate volumes for music and voice? It is truly annoying to set the volume down when I listen to music, only to realize that I don’t understand what my google home is saying when I query it next time

Works great.

Impressed with the level of control.


Seriously an amazing app works flawlessly with my Google chrome casts and my Google home! I have Phillips hue bulbs under my Google home and paired very easily and both Google chrome casts seem to never gave problems!


Does not sync easily. Chrome cast bites

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