Google Home App Reviews

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I don’t know of a way to make my google “smarter” and can’t find instructions online.

Features don’t work / can’t handle user with multiple google accounts

Right off the bat, the voice recognition feature won’t work. It keeps saying something went wrong and to try again. Beyond that, it’s not at all intuitive how to link my Nest, which is also a Google product. You would think that would be almost automatic. Finally, I have personal and work google accounts and there is no obvious way for it to use my personal account for most things but my work account for my calendar. The only two features I’ve liked so far is that it will tell you what the volume is set at and you can choose either a male or female voice. The app keeps pushing Spotify on me and voice recognition (which, as I said above, isn’t working). I got this as a gift, but it’s likely going to sit unused while I use my much more functional Echo from Amazon.

Widget needs a volume control

The Apple widget only lets you pause, play and quit songs for the chromecast audio. It would be awesome if you could set the volume with the widget. All else works well.

No search options under apps.

Not an easy to use app. Too many broken instructions.

App is sluggish and a little too cluttered

Title says it all

Frustrating to use

As a software engineer, I find this app surprisingly difficult to use. Unable to find clear instructions on how to add hue to google home.


Does not work properly with the nest. Having difficulties connecting .

Phillips hue lights will not work

If you unlink your lights to our on a different account, they will never work again. It’s a known glitch the people at Google cannot even fix for me. Stay away from their home speakers until they fix.

Simply doesn’t work

Can’t even configure default music service, after linking Spotify, the only thing available. Amazing


I got this as a gift. Would never have bought it myself. It only works about 10% of the time. The other 90%, it reply’s “there are some basic settings that need your permission first”...I’ve reset everything 10 times, I’ve done a factory reset, reset my voice, all channels and all settings and it still says the same thing. When it does work, it seldom plays what I ask it to. Ask for BBC News & I get BBC1. Ask for NPR and get a local music station. So frustrating. Oh and it constantly responds to the television. To men. I don’t even slightly sound like a man. I’m done. This thing is garbage.

Info !!!!

I like this app but I wish I could find more info about it on my iPhone 8

Finally developed the widget!

Ive wanted this widget for a while now... Great work! Thank you!

Uppity reviewers

People like the last review I read before I posted this are what’s wrong with this country. No one can do or enjoy anything without someone trying to point out something wrong and illegal about it.


So useless with issues

Spent an hour trying to get it to check next to Hue

It just won’t connect. Keeps telling me “Something went wrong”. Useless.

I cant watch

I cant watch live program no conect

Al Mah.

It’s quiet,lively,lovely,I absolutely enjoy


Worst ever

Google home

I like it but make the google homes do more things, if you start singing a song lyric for it to search up the song, ex: “let it go let it go” :google home plays let it go:

Good hard to use sometimes

Somethings r just difficult to use

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