Google Home App Reviews

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Needs LOTS of work

Bought 3 Chrome Audio players and hooked them up to old stereos. Loaded Google Home on my iphone7 and have had troubles since installation. Won’t recognize one of the units, ‘grouped systems’ volume level doesn’t work, can’t just tap one into to adjust its audio. Loved the idea of this system but it’s no Sonos (which I had 5 Play1s before moving them to my restaurant.) Come on Google, get your $”*& together

Why did I even buy this?

It’s a such pain, at least once a week my phone and the device will not connect

Could be much better

This app received an update on 11/16 and since then, has been having issues. Below are my list of complaints/enhancements: 1. Still does not offer a 1 app solution. I have to go to Spotify to play music and then switch back to google Home app to adjust device specific volume. Spotify will let you adjust the group card volume, but not the specific devices in the group. 2. With the launch of the new app, my Google Home no longer shows up as an option to adjust volume. I can cast to it and see it in the group card. Additionally, I’m missing a chromecast and the Google Home in the volume adjustment of a separate group card. This is poor testing. 3. The new app requires additional clicks to change the device specific volume. 4. Would like to have a feature where the assistant volume can be set higher than the media volume, but currently not available. I really want this solution to compete with Sonos and willing to accept the short comings of the hardware since its 1/10th the price, but the software is getting really frustrating especially since it’s such an easy design fix.

overall works great but can still improve in many ways

I can now control the smart bulbs and smart plugs and even my roomba at home. The down side is that apparently it’s not as smart as Siri. When I ask it “is it cold now”, it understands. However, if I say “is it cold outside now”, it doesn’t understand.”, but Siri does. The other thing is it has a limited number of smart home appliances compared to Alex (amazon echo).

Chrome cast

I love this app very amazing and useful thank you for this app keep up the good work

I’m sorry, there was an error

Love the idea, but I’m constantly trying to figure out why Google Home says “I’m sorry, there was an error and I can’t control your home device”


Its overall very good, and there are a few minor kinks, but its amazing. However, there should be a way to customize various responses. My family has a special lightbulb in the family room that weve hooked up to the Google. When we tell Google to "let there be light" it turns on the light. The standard response, "turning on the family room light" would be cool to turn into "igniting the torch." :)

Total crap

This app does not run seamlessly with YouTube tv and crashes constntly

Where is the shopping list?!

I love the google Home but when you moved everything I’m unable to find my shopping list. I wish it wasn’t so hard to find.

Not what I thought

It’s a good app, but I would think I could mirror my whole phone screen to the tv like my android used to do.

Missing Access roles & responsibilities for multiparty use

Missing Access roles & responsibilities for multiparty (i.e. guest/kid/coworker) use. Unable to deploy for work or home as “Home Control” via personal assistant would require everyone to have admin access to the home config as well as my email, linked services, etc through the assistant/home app just to be able to turn off their own light.

Limited responses

Doesn’t do as much as I thought. There is a learning curve involved, on both sides. News briefing is always 12 hours late. Disappointed with that. Most searches are done on Wikipedia. Just expected more.

D0pe 5hit Tr1ck

Whole home audio hook up, and with a mobile hotspot setup in the whip we taking the party on the Road. Cuz it’s like pac said pre death row in that thug life track n this 5h!T D0n7 I gotta roll out to that track thanks apple review for makin me do this when lord knows we ain’t got the time right now. Oh well it is what is n it do what it do.

Very unintuitive app

Nest doesnt seem to connect. Difficult to find the Smart Home section.

Having issues

It’s not hooking up to any devise

Since firmware update no longer controls Philip hue lights

Firmware update was a step backwards.

Device disconnecting

Every time I use the device these days I have to reconnect it and it’s causing a very annoying experience.

First chrome cast still modern

Unbelievably it still satisfies me every techy need

New updates killed shortcut functionality

Can no longer turn off lights with, “goodnight.” It also forgot my voice. Super annoying. Get more UXR done, please!

Works inconsistently

Especially since the update about a month ago I can barely use it before that it connected just fine with very few issues. Now it won’t connect to my WiFi although my WiFi has been the same as it was before. Disappointed I bought this tv Bc it had chromsecast installed and it isn’t working any more.

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